How Roulette Works

Some old school gamblers who have enjoyed roulette at land based casinos for years may be skeptical about just how online roulette works. Using sophisticated software technology, it is possible to recreate the game of roulette and the odds of winning each type of bet in exactly the same experience a player would get from a land based casino. Using what's known as Random Number Generation, the software is programmed to offer the same odds of winning as a real game of roulette.

In the roulette strategies section we outlined the odds of winning on each type of bet in our chart. The simulation software that can be found at various sites and online casinos on the internet is designed to offer the same odds you'll see on this chart. Using a complex set of algorithms the RNG software can actually determine the outcome of each spin of the roulette wheel based on the true odds of the game and the bets being placed.

So when you see an roulette software that says they offer certain odds you can believe it's true so long as the software integrity has been tested. In fact due to the nature of the RNG technology, the odds and outcome of games such as roulette can be played with and manipulated to sometimes offer the player higher odds than what they would receive while playing a real version of the game. Our recommendation is to try out free roulette software for yourself and you'll see how realistic the experience can be.